TickerChart 1.1

Stock analysis software that is designed only for Middle East stock exchanges
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TickerChart is a smart, handy and affordable stock analysis software that is designed only for Middle East stock exchanges. If you do trade in Middle East stock exchanges, you will love TickerChart. The latest version of TickerChart Live includes Saudi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets.

TickerChart equips you with the necessary tools to be a successful trader. By using TickerChart, you will have end-of-day data for ME exchange markets. With few clicks, you can browse through different companies and lookup their historical prices. Through TickerChart wide selection of technical analysis tools, you ensure a higher probability and a better timing of your trades.

TickerChart is specialized for ME stock exchanges. TickerChart ultimate goal is to provide ME traders with all information they need about ME stock exchanges in one place. TickerChart currently supports Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Saudi Stock Market- Tadawul, and Kuwait Stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Market, Abu Dhabi Securities Market, Doha Securities Market, Muscat Securities Market, and Bahrain Stock Exchange. The other ME stock markets will be included soon.

Main features:

- Free software with markets historical prices.
- Special version for mobile phones.
- One month free trial.
- Data update service.
- Market commentary service.
- Multiple stock exchanges support.
- Interactive stock charting.
- Extensive selection of technical studies.
- Customized charting templates.
- Data adjustments for splits and dividends.
- MetaStock™ Data Update.

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